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Happy Valentine’s Day From We Love Stoves!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

An essential ingredient of a romantic Valentine’s evening is the beauty of the flickering flame and gorgeous glow of a real fire. What better way to spend the evening, with your loved one, cosied up next to your wood burning stove with a glass of champagne.

Fire… Human ancestors have used fire for heating & cooking for a million years and in some respected not much has changed. But is is more than that. We can keep warm using central heating but when did you ever have a romantic night in in front of the radiator!

Fire.. Is a welcoming and social element of the home. A focal point, a gathering & meeting place. Many people tell us how, after the wood burner was fitted, they sit with cup of tea or glass of wine in front of the fire sharing their day with the family or friends. The television no longer switched on. Watching the flame is relaxing and hypnotic. It becomes an addiction, with customers who initially said they would only be using their woodburner at weekend later confessing that it has been alight every single night! No longer a luxury, now a necessity.

Where do we come in to this? We Love Stoves offers a wide range of Clearview & Morso wood burning stoves with heat output from 4 to 14 kW in styles to suit both traditional & contemporary homes. A full installation service is also available. Give Ed or Natalie a call now on 01371 871816. Don’t leave it until next Valentine’s Day!

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