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Sometimes you want go "all in". Scan 87 is a large stove that gives you lots of heat, a heavy and solid impression and becomes the natural focus of the room. The series consists of two variants; Scan 87-1 which stands as a solid bauta on the floor and the wall-mounted variant Scan 87-2 which serves flames almost picturesquely floating. The gaze is naturally drawn to the eye-catching glass guillotine door that presents the flames in a bright combustion chamber with 160 degree vision. The distinct, curved joints in the construction and the smoke colored glass details; with the cool glass handle and the rounded ash lip, offer design and functionality fused together. With a sharp focus on details, the series is well balanced between aesthetics and practical use; the air control is both intuitive and beautiful and emptying the ash is done very easily with the large ash bucket in the bottom of the combustion chamber, just lift it up and carry it away. The result is a captivating piece of furniture that is created to look good in your home, with or without flames.


●  160 degree view to the flames

●  Curved guillotine door

●  Large wood stove and lots of heat



●  Nom output 11.5 kW

●  Closed combustion Yes

●  Height 1491 mm

●  Width 699 mm

●  Depth 680 mm

●  Weight 250 kg

●  Log size up to 40.00 cm

●  Flue outlet Ø 198.00 mm

●  Flue exit options Top / Rear

●  Efficiency 84 %

●  CO Emission 0.07 %

●  Dust Product Emission 27 mg/Nm3

●  NOx Emission 96 mg/Nm3

●  Clean burn Yes

●  External air intake Yes

●  Ash solution Yes

Scan 87 Wall

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