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The Rosedale Inset Eco Smoke Control is Eco Design Ready.
This contemporary inset stove with a large curved glass for a spectacular view of the fire with built in tertiary air. It has been designed to fit into a standard fire opening with the chair brick removed. This provides a good sized firebox which is suitable for logs as well as solid fuel. In addition to the radiant heat, there is a convection system bringing warm air out through the vents above the door, giving a total heat output of 5kW.



Designed to meet incredibly low emission standards, all our ECODESIGN stoves have been independently tested against strict criteria in order to have an even lower impact on the environment compared with open fires and some older stoves.


Smoke Control

Our popular Rosedale Inset has been independently approved for burning wood in a smoke control area.


Colour Options

Like all of our stoves, the Rosedale Inset is available in black as standard, with a large selection of colours available at a small extra charge. The special paint we use is extremely resistant to high temperatures.


●  Smoke control

●  5kW output

●  Multifuel

●  British Made

●  Energy Class A

●  Energy Efficiency Index 104%

●  78.5% Efficient on Wood

●  80.2% Efficient on Solid Fuel

●  Suitable for a standard class 1 chimney, or with a 5”/125mm adaptor to flue liner

●  Built in Tertiary Air

●  Max. Log Length 300mm

●  Viewing area – 317mm wide x 352mm high approx.

●  Brass or St/Steel Fittings

●  Requires a constructional hearth

●  Weight 80kg

Town and Country Rosedale Inset ECO Smoke Control

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